Sep 6, 2016

Google verification for .is domains

Google Apps work very well with .is domains. However, you must go through some steps, with Google, to verify that you manage your domain.

ISNIC gets requests about this – and they are actually intended for your DNS operator. Although ISNIC offers “Web Forwarding” as a quick method of getting your domain up and running, we’re not your Registrar, we are the .is Registry!

To follow Google’s instructions, available here – you can follow the HTML advice if you’re already running a website – but the TXT or CNAME instructions must be done with a DNS hoster.

See a list of DNS hosters/providers on the ISNIC website and note that you may find FreeDNS services from some of them (like and

These information are informational only, and not meant as a suggestion or endorsement of any company mentioned here.

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