Mar 13, 2018

G Suite and domain verification

The following instructions are made for those who do not have DNS hosting for their domain and want to use ISNIC’s Email Forwarding service to connect to G Suite in accordance to Google’s help page.


Log in on, select your domain and click web forwarding. Then select Google from the Email Forwarding drop-down menu. You will also need to enter any valid URL or IP address in the top field, that could be another domain you already own.


You can use the TXT method through ISNIC’s forwarding service to accomplish this. We assume you are still on the Web Forwarding page from the instructions above, and have selected Google from the list.

Go to Google’s help page (Add a TXT verification record (any domain host)) about domain verification and find your unique TXT record. Note that the code includes “google-site-verification=” and then is followed by 43 random characters, see an example:


Copy the entire text into the TXT record field on the web forwarding page. You should not enter any MX records as the appropriate MX records will automatically be created. You can return to Google's setup page and tick into all of the boxes on each step until you will see something like this:

I have successfully logged in.

I have opened the control panel for my domain.

I added the TXT verification record.

I saved the TXT verification record.

I have opened the control panel for my domain.

I created the new MX records.

I saved the MX records.


Afterwards you click "Submit" on the WebForwarding page on and the "Verify domain and set up email" button on the Google GSuite page.


If GSuite gives you an MX record for domain verification you will need to select Google from the Email Forwarding drop-down menu and enter the MX record. Do not enter more MX records, only that one MX record with your verification code. The other MX records will be automatically added. See example of an MX record with verification code:

Changing domain verification to TXT method

This part of the instructions is for those that chose a different method than TXT or MX and need to change it in order to follow the instructions above.

To change domain verification method you need to go to Google Admin Console and click Apps. From there you can get a new domain verification method by clicking verify in the red ribbon on the upper part of the page. You follow the steps until you reach a page with selection between Recommended method and Alternate methods. When the recommended method is selected a drop down menu with the text Select your domain registrar or provider appears. There you choose other and copy the TXT record into ISNIC's Forwarding as described in the instructions above. GSuite might wrongfully suggest the MX records are missing. In that case you can send an email from your new email address and receive a response.

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