Jun 18, 2019

Connect domain to Wix

your .is domain easily connects to Wix via their name servers. See Wix's instructions about connecting domains with their name servers. These instructions below only apply if your domain hasn't been set up before; those that want to keep domain records need to use Wix's pointing method.

Setting up the domain

First step is to set up the domain in Wix, see Wix's instructions. There under my domains you can find connect a domain you already own, then choose the website you want to connect it to.

Connecting a domain to Wix

In order for the .is domain to connect to your Wix website the domain has to be configured on isnic.is.

  1. Log in 
  2. Click the domain button
  3. Click Forwarding and Redelegate
  4. Select the domain and click Redelegate

Leave Choose ISP: Choose DNS Service Provider untouched but under Nameservers in the fields under Master nameserver and Nameserver 2 you insert each of the name servers Wix allocate you and display in step 2 of Wix's instructions.

Run validation

The domain should be correctly set up now and you will only need to check if Wix sees and accepts the changes. Find My Domains on your Wix account, find Verify Connection and run the verification. Note that there might be a while until Wix can detect the domain changes. Often a wait of up to an hour is needed, but 24 hours not out of the ordinary.

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