Apr 15, 2015

Dear customer...

Many feel that ISNIC sends its customers too many automatic e-mails. This is specially true of customers with many domains. On the other hand, ISNIC only sends out e-mails with important information and they have an important purpose in maintaining a high security level for .is domains, i.e. by encouraging registrants to regularly (at least yearly) maintain the registration information for their domains. Information that is very import in this regard is the e-mail of domain contacts, expiration dates of credit cards, and least but not last the technical setup of name servers that host the domain. Not all top level domains put as much importance on these matters, but ISNIC does and will continue to do so.
ISNIC’s service is in it’s nature a self-service, which means that the registrant himself is responsible for the correctness of the registration info of the domain. Domains have been deleted or become inactive because the e-mail addresses of contacts where outdated, so important notices and warning went unnoticed, until finally the domains where closed or moved to ISNIC’s parking servers.
One of the most important mails that ISNIC sends it’s registrants every year begins thus: “Dear customer. Please verify the information on the registrant and the domain's contacts below.”.
It would be difficult for ISNIC to reduce the amount of mail we send out - any more than we already have - without relaxing our security requirements, which are the same for every .is domain. It would be possible for ISNIC to create a new class of very important domains and that only these very important domains would receive these (annoying) e-mail notices. That is not what we want, since that would reduce the trust in all .is domains. Therefor, we ask all our customers to act on notices from ISNIC and make sure that the contact information for their domains is correct. It barely takes a minute in most cases, and instead, we will strive to limit notices from us as much as possible.

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